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Who We Serve/Collegiate Foodservice

Collegiate Foodservice

Creative minds thrive on creative meals! With our robust network of suppliers and transporters, you can rely on consistent, high-quality protein deliveries that meet your students’ nutritional needs. Our selection includes lean meats, poultry, sustainable beef, and pork, providing a diverse range of options.

Partnering with Semper Foods means:

  • Exciting, budget-friendly meals
  • Custom solutions for dietary restrictions
  • Adherence to nutritional guidelines
  • Happy, well-fueled students

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Other Special Sectors We Serve

Corrections & Institutional

We're dedicated to serving Corrections and Institutions, providing not only high-quality food products but also cost-effective solutions that help our clients save money. With years of experience serving correctional accounts and institutions nati...


At Semper Foods, we take pride in being a dependable protein source for K-12 institutions. Our extensive offerings include:

  • A diverse range of high-quality proteins, such as lean meats, poultry, sustainable beef, and pork, providing b...

Food Banks

At Semper Foods, we understand the challenges that food banks face in sourcing cost-effective and nutritious products. We provide food banks across the United States with access to high-quality proteins and other essential items at affordable pric...

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