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Vision & Values

If You Do Not Stand For Something, You Will Fall For Anything

Whether as an individual or a company, it will always be important to know where you are headed or where you want to get to or what trajectory you may be on. But, what some individuals often times forget, is that the way in which you get there, the HOW, is also very important. Not only does Semper Foods have a distinct Vision – the destination, the where we want to be, but we have a set of Values in place that consistently guide us and our efforts as we work to achieve that Vision.

Our Values

What We Stand for


Our promise is that we will always follow through with what we say we are going to do and we will do it for the right reasons. Always making the right choice, whether someone is watching or not.


Our relationships are the cornerstone on which our organization was built and will continue to grow. We may be distributing and selling food products, but our main focus each and every day is to provide individualized solutions to our customers with whom we have built, fostered, and grown unique and genuine relationships.

Innovation & Technology

Our ability to bring fresh, strategic, ideas and solutions to the table for our customers and partners, while not relying solely on what worked yesterday. Constantly building new approaches through the vast sources of technology available to us.


Our role as corporate citizens within our communities is a position we deeply value. We feel that any time we are in a place to help or give back to our community, it is our responsibility to do so. These communities have supported and assisted our staff and our organization as we have grown and we will continue to do our part to see that these communities thrive.


Our caring for, protecting, and nurturing all that is within our purview, whether that means our associates, our communities, or our products and resources. We strive to see that no food goes to waste, no community lacks for a helping hand, and no employee manages to feel undervalued.

Satisfaction & Loyalty

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and loyalty is incomparable, because, at the end of the day, we are not just building an organization, we are building a family. Whether an individual may be our external customer, partner, or internal colleague, Semper Foods considers it a priority to ensure that their experience in dealing with our company is unlike any other.

Our Vision

Semper Foods Has A Clear Vision and Promise

  • To Our Customers

    We want to be not only your premier choice in the food solutions sector, but the most valued and trusted partner. By providing you with both innovative solutions and uncompromised service

  • To Our Communities

    We want to be a loyal partner, a trusted neighbor, and a corporate citizen known for our involvement, reliability, and giving nature. As one of our founders served our country, so too is Semper Foods here to serve our communities.

  • To Our Team Members

    We want to be able to provide a working environment where you feel heard, safe, supported, and valued. A professional world where you WANT to work and know you are an appreciated member of the Semper Foods family.

  • To Our SupplyPartners

    We want to be ready for you to ‘join the team’ as well. By providing you with a safe and dependable outlet through which your products may be marketed and distributed.

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