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Bringing a new school approach, focused
on technology and innovation, to
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SEMPER FOODS Is Ready to help you accomplish your next food service mission.

Semper Foods is a niche frozen food distributor and co-packer that specializes in commodity and further processed, value added protein solutions to a vast array of end users all over the world. We have distribution capabilities to every state in the lower 48 based on a one pallet minimum as well as a number of strategically placed warehouses and freight forwarders to service our various international customer destinations.

Semper Foods was founded on February 1st, 2018 by three friends & partners with a combined food service industry experience of over 40 years. We arrived at the name Semper Foods by encompassing the Latin word for “always” as derived from the United States Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful. One of the founding partners of our organization, Eric Ouellette, proudly and honorably served in the United States Marine Corps from 2004 to 2008 including a tour of duty in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and spent 2 years stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Many of the valuable lessons and disciplines learned while serving in the military have been carried over and put to use in operating and growing our organization on a daily basis.

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Some Interesting Facts

Food service with integrity. Semper Foods is a niche frozen food distributor that specializes in further processed & value added food items to a vast array of end users all over the world.

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Our Skills

We pride ourselves on efficiency and accuracy in the customer experience and we’ve calculated some statistics below to illustrate just how serious we take these measures.

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Our Fantastic Team



K-12 Distributor

"Semper Foods has helped me navigate the complexities of the secondary food market so that I don’t have to. They have created an environment for me where I get to capitalize on all of the opportunities in the marketplace, but still remained focused on running my business on the home front! Semper Foods doesn’t just save me money, they save me time."

Regional Institutional Distributor

"I would like to commend the folks at Semper Foods for the service you give us on each and every order that we procure through you. Your attention to detail, cost savings and service are the absolute BEST that I’ve ever experienced. We really do enjoy working with you all and hope to continue to grow our businesses together for many years to come!"

County Correctional Buyer

"Semper Foods truly does stand behind everything that they do and sell, I can’t say enough good things about these guys and the operation that they are running. If you are looking to partner with some folks that will impress you time and time again, look no further."

Specialty Distributor, Oklahoma

"It’s not easy to find transparent companies to work with, but Semper Foods manages to be one of them. They back their products and care about their customers, it’s evident in every action and correspondence. They work hard to make sure you consistently get quality products and service. They are a great group of people to have on your side."


Our Capabilities

Semper Foods provides a diversified menu of services that other food distributors and producers cannot match. Semper Foods taps into the brightest food minds in the business. We deliver the best food capabilities – including advanced technologies, processes and facilities, plus game-changing research and resources to benefit the diverse audiences that we serve. We’re uniquely qualified to handle any protein challenge. As experts in the turkey, beef, pork and chicken industries; Semper Foods is here to help you achieve success. Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of packaging and processing capabilities, giving us the ability to deliver custom protein solutions that exceed any menu or sales need. We are passionate about partnership. We understand the complexities of combining value and flexibility in order to offer cost-effective meat solutions to our customers. Our processing facilities enable us to provide high-quality, consistent products that fit your individual specifications.

Core Competencies:

  • New Product Development
  • Product & Solution Ideation
  • Product & Process Improvements
  • Ingredient Procurement
  • Nutritional Solutions
  • Item Duplication
  • Cost Reduction Projects
  • USDA Inspected Custom Repacking
  • Private Labeling Capabilities
  • Centrally Located Warehouse Locations
  • Complex Distribution
  • Secure & Stable Strategic Sourcing

Food Product Research & Development

Semper Food’s global product research and development teams take our customers from blue sky ideas to finished products, developed and formulated for marketplace success. If the product you’ve have in mind requires a process not currently in our portfolio, we have both the commitment and the resources to work with you to develop a solution to meet your needs.


Clean Label Products

Our clean labeling initiatives reflect our desire to help operators meet consumer demand for menu transparency through higher-quality products. We have taken such steps as removing phosphates and reducing sodium, and many of our products are naturally gluten free, casein free and MSG free. We also offer a range of antibiotic-free (ABF) turkey, pork and chicken products.


Delivering Quality & Innovation

Whether you’re in need of profitable entrée solutions or high-volume sliced proteins, Semper Foods can create items for all menu types. Our customization process is driven by culinary expertise and consumer trends.


Food Safety

Best practices in food safety are paramount to operating a best-in-class food organization. We take a completely transparent approach to safety; one that helps instill confidence and trust. From efficient recall standard operating procedures to detailed traceability, we have you covered.


Our Partners

Nothing at Semper Foods would be possible without the hard work and dedication from our various partners. Below are just a few that help us achieve our mission day in and day out.


Our Storage Locations

As you can see below, Semper Foods has numerous storage locations to better serve both our domestic and international clientele. We have recently increased our logistical infrastructure in these key areas to better support the growing needs of our existing customers. From strategically servicing various inner city markets more effectively, to ramping up locations to better serve the South Pacific, Caribbean and Central/South America.