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Andrew Bennington on Shift

Posted on October 10, 2023 · By: SFadmin · Podcasts Duration : 10 min 20 sec
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Technology has never been more important in our day-to-day operations than it is today. We pride ourselves on the many ways in which we have integrated technology into our customer service and satisfaction applications. When our CMTO, Andrew Bennington, came on board in 2020, he wasted no time in assisting Semper Foods in streamlining our various technological practices. One of the very first transitions he began to undertake, was the integration of Shift onto each of the company computer systems. “For any new employee joining the team, Shift is the first tool they’re onboarded to.” Andrew explains. “[Shift] not only declutters my workflow, but it also allows me and my computer to run more efficiently.” With the extremely fast-paced nature of the business at times, any increase in efficiency is a huge added benefit. @tryshift recently reached out to Andrew and they were able to sit down and discuss the various benefits that Andrew personally feels that Shift brings to our company.